DISH Network® PCO

Dish NetworkThis program is a revolutionary “true wholesale” business model that allows the qualified operator to mix and match analog, digital and bulk programming. It includes the ability to offer advanced digital services such as HDTV and PPV over existing coaxial distribution systems.


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BulkBulk Programming provides a low cost bulk package that is delivered to every unit or room at the property. The programming can be marked up and sold to the HOA or property owner.

Perfect For: Assisted Living, Hotels, Colleges/Universities, Nursing Homes, Single Family Homes, Hospitals, Condominiums, Prisons, Apartments, RV Parks, Telco

Bulk Programming: Bulk Basic, America’s Top 120, America’s Top 200, America’s Top 250
Premium Programming Packages: Showtime, HBO, HBO/Cinemax, Starz, Encore West, Encore East & West plus up to 6 Themes
Sports: ESPN, EPSN2, ESPNews, ESPN Classic, ESNPU, Regional Sports Networks, Multi Sports

-Depending on the property type/requirements, bulk may be all that you want (or need) to offer, but leaves the option to upgrade to Digital and/or the Neighborhood Value Program
-Bulk can also be offered in Digital Bulk NVP. See Digital Bulk NVP for details
-HD Programming, International , Local Channels, and many other add-on packages available (please call for a complete list of available channels)

-Minimum agreement term: 3 years
-Maximum agreement term: 10 years
-Subscriber minimums are 30 or the total units, whichever is greater
-May be activated any day of the month
-If activated with L-band, every room/unit needs a receiver

DigitalDigital Programming can be used as an upgrade for your analog or bulk subscribers or made available at a property where no analog lineup is offered. Dish Network’s competitive pricing & content along with HD and International programming and DVR’s are some of the options available in digital.

Perfect For: MDUs, Single Family Homes, Gated Communities, Universities, Condominiums, Retirement Facilities

Digital services enhance your system by offering multiplex premium channels, international programming and HDTV. These services require a set top box and may be offered in a variety of distribution methods including:
• QAM – This option utilizes the existing 860mhz cable plant to transmit the entire Dish Network channel offering. An analog system may be used in conjunction with QAM to reduce the amount of set top boxes required. This may be the preferred method for “garden style” apartments.
• L-band – This option requires up to four 2 gig distribution cables and amplifiers to feed from the satellite dish, or dishes, to the individual IDF closets where the drops terminate. At these frequencies, longer cable runs may pose problems with signal loss and tilt. This system works very well in midrise and highrise applications.
• L-band Fiber Optic – Dish Network has a fiber optic system that utilizes wave division multiplexing to combine up to four satellite feeds onto one strand of fiber. As the cost of fiber components continues to decrease, this may become the preferred distribution method in many applications

-Your subscribers can benefit from over 295 channels that DISH® has to offer
-Your subscribers can upgrade to channels or packages of their choice
-Pay Per View, HD and DVRs are available
-No subscriber minimums
-PCO receives monthly incentives based on what the subscriber is subscribing to

-Minimum agreement term: 3 years
-Maximum agreement term: 10 years
-After agreement has been approved there is a 15 day waiting period to launch a digital subscriber
-You are responsible for installations, customer service & billing the subscribers

NVPNeighborhood Value Program (NVP) is designed to allow bulk properties who wish to offer their subscribers digital programming upgrades at reduced rates.

Please note: This option may be used at any property where you are also utilizing the Bulk & Digital agreements.

-No minimums on the number of digital subscribers who wish to upgrade
-Incentives paid on the programming the subscriber upgrades to
-Some of the receiver fees are reimbursed with the monthly incentive payments
-Digital subscriber programming is less expensive that the regular retail rates on upgrades

-Minimum subscription to AT120 required for NVP
-Programming packages selected by Operator are unchangeable throughout the term of the agreement
-PCO is responsible for installations, customer service and billing the subscribers

Free To GuestDISH Network® Free to Guest Bulk is affordable Satellite TV provided as an amenity to 100% of the property units, free of charge to your guest and tenants. Dish Network Free to Guest Bulk programming costs are based on the total units per month.

Perfect for: Hotels, Motels, Prisons, Correctional Facilities, RV Parks, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, Assisted Living Centers, Nursing Homes, Condominiums

Programming Available: Basic Packages, HD, ESPNs, Regional Sports, International Programming, Premiums, Locals, Many more add-on packages

-Low cost programming that can be resold to the property owner or HOA

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